ABOUT ME:  I'm an apparel, jewelry, handbags and sunglasses designer, and am currently the Senior Designer for apparel and jewelry at Stella & Dot and KEEP Collective. A lifelong fascination with how identity is communicated through visual media shapes everything I see and do.  

FOCUS AREAS:  After starting my career at Diane von Furstenberg in and finishing my masters in design, I partnered with a venture capitalist and launched our small brand Phiren, where we endeavored to innovate simultaneously on the supply chain and on design, and build the world we wanted — incredible design, inclusive sizing, and an unbeatable customer experience. I led our small design team in developing the best product we could dream up, developing close relationships with our factory in India, working with them on a daily basis to collaborate and innovate on how our products were designed, constructed, produced, and bought. For the past three years I have been with Stella & Dot and KEEP Collective, and have worked on every category offered within the family of brands, including apparel, jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, scarves, and home goods. I was drawn to a company that had a mission of female empowerment and an innovative selling channel, and I have had the amazing opportunity to design across a wide variety of categories, as well as brainstorming and implementing strategic techniques to reach and capture the contemporary customer.

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE:  B.A. Stanford University (Art History), Masters of Fine Art, Academy of Art University (Fashion Design & Construction).  Previous work experience as a Co-Founder and Design Director of womenswear apparel startup Phiren, and on design teams at Gr.Dano in San Francisco and Diane von Furstenberg in New York.  

MY DESIGN PHILOSOPHY:  I believe fashion is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to communicate who we are to the world, and I chose to go into design because I wanted to help people look like who they felt like inside. We're all different, and nothing makes me happier than seeing people who look different: fully expressed and unique.  The very best work is a wearable expression of individuality.  


CURRENT INSPIRATION: The 70s, the American West, and everything Virgil Abloh touches.